Jul 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Fellow Photographer. Bogdan Comanescu

Rosia Montana, 2014
In the beginning of this year I went to Rosia Montana, joining one of Sorin's workshops in Marea Hoinareala. "The Great Wandering" is a photo tour business going everywhere in Romania exploring its unspoiled villages, traditions, inhabitants and nature wanders. I knew about Sorin work but I had the surprise to discover Bogdan.  He is both a great photographer and a wonderful companion with an unique ability to approach villagers, unknown people, open their hearts and souls and get them interested in being photographed. He is also a great organizer and providing valuable advice to all level of photography expertise. You might find out more about his work here and here. Happy Birthday Bogdan, my fellow photographer.

Image taken together with Bogdan above the hills of Rosia Montana after one hell of attempt to climb the hill on ice and snow.

Canon 5D Mark III, 24/1.4, F22, S200, ISO 800