Apr 30, 2011

Same Park, Different Girl, Same Flower, Different Lens

Runa, Age 3, IOR Park, 135 mm, F2, Evening Light

Mara, Age 5, IOR Park, 35 mm, F2, Morning Light

Apr 23, 2011

The magic light of Botanical Garden

Every spring we go there to see the flowers and every fall to see the colors. Magic place, magic light.
Happy Easter Everybody!

Apr 21, 2011

Spring is finally here

Tomorrow we will visit the Botanical Garden. 
Stay tuned!

Apr 19, 2011

Non business hours

6:45 AM, 15 min after sunrise. Shy, low power sun but just enough to start heating the night moisture and form a small layer of mist over the water. 

Ernest F. Coe Visitor's Center, 
Everglades National Park, Florida

Apr 18, 2011

The third place

Tamiami trail, Everglades, Florida

For me this used to be, and still is, the desert
But here is a glimpse of my Miami trip. 
Water and sun. 
Will be back soon with more.

Apr 5, 2011

Second Life

Starting today I will change this blog. I will talk less about me, my doubts and my feelings. I will show you more of my pictures and I will try to tell you the story of the picture, the way I took it, what I had in mind when taking it or, and hopefully more interesting, the way I look at it.

Paris 2004

For years I had changed and changed and changed again various photo gear trying to find the perfect lens, the perfect camera. I always knew the very truth about the fact that photography is about seeing the light and having the eye but, over the years, I kept being preoccupied more on the technical side of photography and less about finding my artistic modjo. I recently decided to give it another try. No, I will not sell my gear to restart from an FM2 but I will be more concerned about the image's message than its technical aspects.

Image above is taken below Tour Eiffel with one of my worst camera's ever. It was 9:00 AM and thousands of people were filling the area. Somehow, I managed to find some peace and capture the spirit of tower's silhouette and mystery. Or better, I like to think I did.