May 31, 2011

Eneagram your name

3 years of talks, discussions, analyzes, test, trials and errors. 
One day somebody draws a diagram and 
everything comes to place as never before. 
Am I The Observer or what?
Thank you Doc!

May 30, 2011

See it before OTV does

Hi Everybody, long time no seen. Apologies for the long absence without explanations for the time being.

We went out of Bucharest last weekend for a family time, as The Fairy's already told you in her Saturday Report. Here below you may find some images from an amazing, little known place called Corbii de Piatra. It is a monastery carved into stone around year 1500. 

Amazing place, full of history, energy and positive spirit. 

By an unhappy coincidence, the daily Romanian reality stroke us right upon the exit when a huge crowd was gathered in front of the entrance surrounding the public figure of Dan Diaconescu, the OTVs guru (Romanian tabloid TV station). I am not interested what and when he will broadcast about the place. Just regret I could not stand him, to stay long enough next to him :) as we caught something his local guide presentation and it has a fabulously interesting.

But the whole story reminded me of this famous advertising 
for a publishing house. 
"Read it before Hollywood does"