Feb 29, 2012

The Killer inside me

@ imdb.com

They say we kill everything we love. Well, maybe them. I do the other way around, I kill everything which is stopping me from loving. Despite my epicurian nature, I always keep my compass in my pocket and eyes open. And every time I see a hurdle which will deviate me from the choices I made in life, I kill it.

So, my friends, make your choices, grab the compass and choose you weapons. Life is so hectic and full of surprises,one needs to stay alert in order to be true to himself.

P.S. The movie has nothing to do with me but Casey Affleck was brilliant in this very  hard-to-digest character.

Feb 23, 2012

Start wearing red

My dressing room, 2012

Everybody knows those stupid interviews questions (sorry to all my HR related friends :)) "Please name your biggest weak points?", "Which is your biggest quality?" Fore some reasons I keep hearing around me about situations in which people are asked or told to answer or prove those things.

And, to my amazing surprise, very very few of them have a straight answer. And is not about being unprepared to an interview or a selection. It's about knowing yourself. Being truthful with yourself regardless if good or bad.

My friends, stop trying to be someone else. Stop trying to impress. Be honest with yourselves. It will bring some much quality, happiness and stability in your life. And courage. And if this will eventually mean that you will get the guts to wear your red shoes, why not?. Do it if it makes you happy.

Feb 21, 2012

Mr. Nothing

Utah, 2010

A simple exercise. Go in front of a mirror and say: "I am ....".  If you said only attributes like: fat, slim, old, beautiful, then try it again.


Now go back again and strip you of your jeweleries. Hide your business cards. Put a bit farther your family photos.

Who are you after all? Are you what you have become? Are you what you have achieved? Are you what you have bought?

Can we be everything? Can we be nothing? Can we ever know?

My dessert is calling me. Like a million particles of dust, everyone of them being something and nothing in the same time. There anybody can be Mr. Nothing.

Feb 9, 2012


X100, Self portrait
Last Xmas I spoiled myself with a fancy, outstandingly good, old fashion new camera. I enjoyed using  it over the winter holiday and then I lost it in Prague. Together with some outstanding pictures taken in the rainy and then sunny Prague. I have left it in the taxi which took me to the airport, tribute to my ever agitated state and, maybe, to the 3 beers I had before with my good friends Florin and Marketa. It was a loss very hard to swallow.

Obviously, after assimilating the frustration of the loss, I took this as an opportunity and look for replacement. Starting to make all kind of analysis about which camera, which systems, what features, budget, where to purchase from and so on. It was all about REPLACEMENT. Or, at least, I thought so. I was just not able to agree with myself on any solution and kept agitating myself to a state of increased entropy for more than 2 weeks.

And somehow, raising above the inner noise, I remembered a thought marked on a corner of my mind by the MIT entrepreneurial skills training course. DESELECT. Good and focused entrepreneurs and managers are able to deselect the amount of things they are tempted to do and try.

Should this be the solution in our private life also? Are you able to Deselect out of the countless things you are doing and focus on the most important? Are you able to stream among the countless thoughts and wishes and impulses and focus on the ones which are feeding your spirit and happiness?

The answer it is obviously a personal one. No universal solution. But I feel I should DESELECT more and REPLACE less.