Sep 24, 2012

Mr Hyde's improbable schizophrenia

Bucharest, 2012
Have you ever wondered how Mr. Hyde was ever considered himself? I know you may argue the one mad, rough, mindless criminal does not think but takes great pleasure in immersing himself in the vice and crime. But however, he has neurocortex also, so he thinks too. I wonder is he ever considered himself schizophrenic as people reading the book were. Was he thinking something like, well, what can I do, I am trying to be the respectable Dr. Jekyll, but it is stronger than me. And, as long I have this disease, I can't help it. As long as nobody knows it, I can enjoy the dark night temptation.

I don't know if that's true. What I know is that the only way to observe schizophrenia is not from the schizophrenic's side. That's is the real life's side. Mr. Hyde can be understood in a story but Dr. Jekyll must prove himself trustful in real life. And everything else should remain just a story.