Nov 29, 2011

Breakfree Anniversary

Precisely one year ago, I was starting this blog. I was looking for a way and a place to clear my thoughts and lay out my concerns about me, world, life and other spiritual matters. And share some of my pictures ;) And break free from my inner ghosts. I called this perfect or not as a reminder that perfection does not exists but can be aspired to.

Sometimes, we need one round number to achieve our goals. One might need a year, one might need a month. Another one might need one hundred of experiences and still circle around. But, here comes a day when everything becomes clear and easy.

Happy Breakfree my friends !

Oct 31, 2011

Finishing the 100 race

Delta Dunarii, Oct 2011

Tomorrow I will be one year old in my not-so-new-anymore job. Time to draw lines and  make reports. To bosses, to market, to colleagues but mostly to me. And I feel the race is over and it's time for me to settle for a new, calm, committed, involved  and wise period.

Time to spread the wings and fly peacefully!

Oct 6, 2011

Finding your way in

Bucharest 2011, @Camelia Vasile

Do you know Heloween's song?

"People tell me A and B / they tell me how I have to see / Things that I have seen already clear / so they push me then from side to side / they're pushing me from black to white / they're pushing'til there's nothing more to hear / I want out ..."

Isn't it funny how most of us rely on others for the important personal things in life? Things like happiness, balance, well being. We live our lives leaded by external factors, ghosts of the past, social behavior guidelines, circumstances, global economy and other randoms factors we can't influence. And when things became complicated and uncontrollable all we want is to get out. To leave, to change, to modify our exterior reality and find a different circumstance that will make us happy again.
Not that I am expert of doing differently, but what I know for sure is that this path is wrong. The happiness is not to be find elsewhere but inside me. And if I am able to do that, all the other circumstances will either become irrelevant, either I will find the interior force to influence them the way I want. 

It is about finding your way in, rather than your way out. And sometimes this means to give up to any social constrains and climb into child swing in a park next to your kids and trash your suit shoes into the sand. 

Look inside and be happy my friends!

Oct 4, 2011

Plan it over!

One thing I am very good at is to make plans. To take an idea and develop into a plan. And is always about challenge. Not in the corporate way (even though I had and gave my share of that speech also, right folks?) It's about challenge but more on the take it to the edge kind of challenge.

And anytime I feel I am on the edge, I am taking a block notes and a pen and I start writing plans. Breaking ideas into actions, listing, prioritizing. I even had chosen to go after my wife based on excel plan (I AM NOT KIDDING) but that's a story for other time. 

But kidding left apart, writing those down it does me good. Miraculously good. Meaning that I am suddenly clear and focused, knowing where and how I want to go and do it. And always ready for a new beginning. Even if this means to take it from where it ended and plan for a change.

Oct 3, 2011

Down from cloud No 9

Bucuresti, 2011

You wake up one morning and see the red sun trying to wake up, screaming its joy for life in all kind of reds and you realize it can't go happier than that. And looking at the sky colors washing out as the light becomes vertical and harsh you realize, yet again, that even the brightest light it's sometimes not interesting.

So, I am asking you my friends, should someone ever chase the morning light, making all kind of efforts to wake up again and again, or should settle for the comfortable, easy to reach mid day light?

Jul 28, 2011


So, I reached this point. It's has been a perfect day! Thank you all!

Jul 21, 2011

The clear sky of Heaven

This morning, our, but mostly, my mother's cat passed away. He was 19 y.o. and has resisted the last 3 years only by my mother heroic care and compassion. We buried him in a pet cemetery and it was a very sad moment. 

However, I am not sure if for other reason, the sky was particularly clear and beautiful today over the city. 

Rest in peace, old friend. I will miss you. As I miss Pic.

Jul 18, 2011

The Thin Red Line

"This great evil. Where does it come from? How'd it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who's doin' this? Who's killin' us? Robbing us of life and light. Mockin' us with the sight of what we might've known. Does our ruin benefit the earth? Does it help the grass to grow, the sun to shine? Is this darkness in you, too? Have you passed to this night" 

Terrence Malik

Jul 13, 2011

Like father, like brother, like son

Poiana Brasov, 2011
2 weeks away from my 40's anniversary and 2 months away of my son's 3rd, I got a surprise visit at  office today. My step brother. As I had to do much of the talking, I was lucky to find a surprising use for the toy red cars collection I keep in my office. 

Of course he's only 6 and innocent. And of course, our common father came with him.

Ain't life weird?

May 31, 2011

Eneagram your name

3 years of talks, discussions, analyzes, test, trials and errors. 
One day somebody draws a diagram and 
everything comes to place as never before. 
Am I The Observer or what?
Thank you Doc!

May 30, 2011

See it before OTV does

Hi Everybody, long time no seen. Apologies for the long absence without explanations for the time being.

We went out of Bucharest last weekend for a family time, as The Fairy's already told you in her Saturday Report. Here below you may find some images from an amazing, little known place called Corbii de Piatra. It is a monastery carved into stone around year 1500. 

Amazing place, full of history, energy and positive spirit. 

By an unhappy coincidence, the daily Romanian reality stroke us right upon the exit when a huge crowd was gathered in front of the entrance surrounding the public figure of Dan Diaconescu, the OTVs guru (Romanian tabloid TV station). I am not interested what and when he will broadcast about the place. Just regret I could not stand him, to stay long enough next to him :) as we caught something his local guide presentation and it has a fabulously interesting.

But the whole story reminded me of this famous advertising 
for a publishing house. 
"Read it before Hollywood does"

Apr 30, 2011

Same Park, Different Girl, Same Flower, Different Lens

Runa, Age 3, IOR Park, 135 mm, F2, Evening Light

Mara, Age 5, IOR Park, 35 mm, F2, Morning Light

Apr 23, 2011

The magic light of Botanical Garden

Every spring we go there to see the flowers and every fall to see the colors. Magic place, magic light.
Happy Easter Everybody!

Apr 21, 2011

Spring is finally here

Tomorrow we will visit the Botanical Garden. 
Stay tuned!

Apr 19, 2011

Non business hours

6:45 AM, 15 min after sunrise. Shy, low power sun but just enough to start heating the night moisture and form a small layer of mist over the water. 

Ernest F. Coe Visitor's Center, 
Everglades National Park, Florida

Apr 18, 2011

The third place

Tamiami trail, Everglades, Florida

For me this used to be, and still is, the desert
But here is a glimpse of my Miami trip. 
Water and sun. 
Will be back soon with more.

Apr 5, 2011

Second Life

Starting today I will change this blog. I will talk less about me, my doubts and my feelings. I will show you more of my pictures and I will try to tell you the story of the picture, the way I took it, what I had in mind when taking it or, and hopefully more interesting, the way I look at it.

Paris 2004

For years I had changed and changed and changed again various photo gear trying to find the perfect lens, the perfect camera. I always knew the very truth about the fact that photography is about seeing the light and having the eye but, over the years, I kept being preoccupied more on the technical side of photography and less about finding my artistic modjo. I recently decided to give it another try. No, I will not sell my gear to restart from an FM2 but I will be more concerned about the image's message than its technical aspects.

Image above is taken below Tour Eiffel with one of my worst camera's ever. It was 9:00 AM and thousands of people were filling the area. Somehow, I managed to find some peace and capture the spirit of tower's silhouette and mystery. Or better, I like to think I did.