Sep 22, 2014

Your Detox Fall

I got fat. About 2 kilos. On top of my other extra 3 kilos my belly carried for more than 10 years (just realized that when looking retrospectively to my photo archive).

Five years ago, I had a heart attack. I can't allow myself being fat.

I got toxic. Especially in my brain. I got blinded of my own ghosts. I was on the brink of loosing everything. Which I can't allow.

And then, and only then, I realized I am my own toxin and fat supplier and had to change.

It is very fashionable to do this detox thing especially among ladies right? Vegetables, sport no stress. Simple? Not quite. But try and to do the detox cure when it comes to your brain. To your habits. To your anxieties. To your demons.

Raise your head, climb the ladder and reach for the light. Do your detox.

My detoxification menu this fall.

Start going to gym. Checked
Pursue dreams. Checked (had the IELTS again)
Build your plans. Checked (will keep posted on progress)
Show more of your love to the family. In progressReduce noise. Checked (dropped the ipad, got the Kindle back)
Follow your passions. In progress
Reduce toxins. Checked (can't tell details)
Work happy. Checked (just got, officially, shareholder in the flower business)
Laugh more. Smile a lot. In progress