Sep 2, 2014

Good things challenge

Isola Bella, Laggo Magiore, Italy, 2009

I've been challenged yesterday. No, not to the ubiquitous, meaningless ice bucket challenge. But to write here on this blog about good things happened to me in a day.

Hmm, quite simple when you read it. So, after thinking all day about what I should write tonight, here I am, trying to fill in this empty computer window with some positive thoughts about what happened today.

Why it has to be so damn hard? Probably because of my overall negative emotional potential these days but still, objectively, anybody can fill some positives about a day. Any day.

Do you have such moments?

Should I try the method of my old companion? You lay down in the bed, at the end of the day, and you play in your mind the moments of the day, what you did, what you felt, good or bad, without judging yourself.

Judging yourself. The main inhibitor, the biggest saboteur of one self. The little worm inside your brain keeping you being harsh on yourself. You are not good enough, you are not smart, you are not good looking, you are not slim, you are not worthy, you are nothing, you are dirt.

BUT. Self judgment left aside, it was a good day.

I woke up by smiling on my wife on messenger, I enjoyed my cereals like any given Hungarian morning, I had a very productive morning at work, I got an strawberry and chocolate ice cream, I had lunch (wow), I skyped with my little kids home, I completed three IELTS tests on reading and had excellent results, I had a warm bath in the hotel's spa and I will probably finish the evening talking to my wife again while deciding upon our next vacation.

Not bad, I would say, for a day in which you feel low and depressed about it. 

Did I mentioned something about saboteurs? Well, forget about them. They are only bad chemicals in your brain circuits. You are better than that, much better

You don't believe it? Take this challenge then. 

A demain!