Sep 5, 2014

Counting your life blessings

Margitzighet, July 2014
The challenge continues!

The thing about counting the positives in your every day is that when you done it regularly, you just realize they are so many that at some point they become common thing, commodities. Our brain is used to go on the same paths and ignore them just because are there, familiars and safe.

Sometimes you need a big storm in your life to realize that nothing is granted and one needs to fight for the familiar. To fuel it, to maintain it, to constantly bring in his soul, mind, hands, sweat and heart to keep going it.

So, when the storms come, obviously the mind storm, one good thing you can do is to count your blessing in your life.  Depending on your values in life you may count your car, your home, your watches, your social achievements, your professional success stories.

However the real blessings in your life are the ones which stood by you even when the storm came and you just forgot about them.

Coming back of the good things happened in a day, I mention only one: My beloved wife and kids made it to Budapest again. Next stop: Legoland! Adventure starts soon.